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PALME 2015 - Event Production Drop-In Featured Session

By John Jossifakis, MSc, PMP – Innovations Unlimited, Qatar.

Risk Management and Assessment was only considered and conducted on large-scale events a few years ago, nevertheless, risks are everywhere. Why was it never routed in our culture, our methods of operation and our way of thinking? Well-planned and executed events bring a lot of collateral publicity yet; one single accident can crumble everything you have so painstakingly built over months of planning in just seconds.

There are ample entries about how to be an event manager on the web, however there is gap of missing information in educating people properly about Risk Management. Back by popular demand from last years' Middle East Event Show, Risk Management and Basic Assessment 101 will take you through the paces of risk management's basic understanding and break things down to basic steps where I will aim to convey and build a thin foundation for future enhancement and consideration. It is important to establish the right framework. The latter, should be adapted to your events from early planning phases.


This process will allow you to expand and revisit the risk matrix and risk assessments as required and in line with the technical and operational builds. My aim, in this seminar, is to educate the mixed audience on the fundamentals of Risk Management. Understanding the latter's basics, who is ultimately responsible? Tackling the lack of awareness and addressing the gaps and the tools currently available in our industry. The final objective will be to give a simple explanation of what is the trend in the industry (What are we doing in the Middle East in Risk Management and where the industry lacks.)

During the seminar, I plan to introduce the five-step Risk Process Flow Chart, which requires certain actions at every stage. Step one is usually establishing the context. This step leads to identifying the risks for each event and the way to chart them. Once this happens, we will embark on the journey of analysing the risks. This vital step is closely related with step four, which is evaluating the risks and finally taking the necessary steps for treating the risks. During this informative session, we will look at the prospects of risks and how a basic risk matrix is used as a tool to identify and instigate a discussion. Keeping things basic, this session is for everyone who knows little or nothing about risk management and the approach is clearly for professionals who want to expand their understanding of this topic in more detail.

Risk management is a process that must become a daily practice in all stages of every event's life cycle and in doing so; it will allow you to address and highlight elements and factors that can have a great impact on the delivery and success of your event or installation. From wet weather planning all the way to your MC getting into a car accident, risk planning is vital at every step. Come join me during the PALME Educational sessions on the 12th of May at 1:00 pm to talk about risks.

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